The Miele digital workplace is an integral part of Miele’s digital transformation strategy aiming to create a seamless and efficient work environment that enhances productivity, fosters collaboration, and promotes innovation. Empowering employees is a key priority in the digital workplace strategy. Recognizing that employees are the driving force behind innovation and growth, Miele invests in providing them with the necessary tools, technologies, and resources to excel in their roles. Therefore, one important aspect is to keep up with current industry trends and emerging technologies. The idea, however, is not that we blindly jump on every topic. It’s rather to first present the added values for Miele and to show the way forward – as a partner together with our business units.

How we started

Using the example of the digital workplace as a key to business transformation we developed a clear strategy. First, we optimized our organizational design and built a unified digital workplace organization covering the digital workplace services from hardware to software to drive the cultural, organizational and procedural changes.

Second, we analyzed and evaluated the main drivers for change in the upcoming years:

  • Continuous technology upgrades and reduced ability to choose what updates to deploy and when
  • Increasing employee expectations especially regarding improved collaboration and end-user experience
  • Increasing business dependence on technology
  • Remote/hybrid work
  • More and different endpoints including private/hybrid devices, virtualization etc.

What we focus on

Based on this we derived three strategic focus areas to which we align our future initiatives and projects.

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Enablement of Employees: Our employees are facing a substantial technology change – not only with personal collaboration or productivity apps, but also with additional role-specific apps and the Citizen X movement (no-code/low-code developments by non-IT employees). Therefore, the digital workplace IT requires a shift from supporting technology to enablement of employees with improved collaboration and end-user experience. Concrete examples are our cross-discipline programs as well as our support and training communities.
We strongly believe that this enablement drives employee adoption of technology, which increases workforce digital dexterity, resulting in successful digital business transformation.

Continuous Endpoint Engineering: Increased business dependence on technology and an accelerated rate of change are undermining system stability and degrading the employee experience. The answer is an agile approach to digital workplace technology management that Gartner named Continuous Endpoint Engineering. This procedure model delivers an optimal mix of speed and risk management regarding frequent changes of digital workplace technology.

Cloud Delivery and Modern Management: This focus area enables our target vision of a dynamic, device, location and software independent digital workplace adapting quickly and at low cost to changing business needs.
Main driver here is to move our key infrastructure to the cloud. This includes a cloud-based device management for centrally managing and securing our endpoints, ensuring compliance, and minimizing IT overhead – independent from internal network or VPN connectivity. Furthermore, we need to reduce the use of legacy applications that lock the organization to a single device, operating system or browser.

Final thoughts

Our challenge is to satisfy our business and employee expectations for agility and support while providing an improved user experience. This requires a close collaboration between business and IT when it comes to evolving technology for adding value and how to prioritize our projects. As we continue to evolve our digital workplace strategy, it remains dedicated to equipping our employees with the tools and technologies necessary to thrive in an increasingly digital world, driving the company’s success in the years to come.

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